Coolsculpting, the cool non-surgical way to eliminate stubborn fat

CoolSculpting is the only FDA approved non-invasive device for PERMANENT fat removal. Newman, MD Plastic Surgery has been offering this exciting technology since April of 2011 with very impressive results.  The reason that we have had impressive results is because we examine the patient and are able not only offer the full spectrum of body contouring options, but the knowledge to know the limits of each to help you decide which choice is best for you! Dr. Newman also remains current in examining the other new technologies and can help you weed through the confusion of marketing hype vs real results.
   CoolSculpting's biggest benefit is by far the non-invasiveness, minimal downtime aspect. The procedure is done in the office with no pain medicine required. Though there is an initial intense pull from the suction of the device, the cooling quickly takes effect and the remainder of the procedure is quite comfortable. The procedure takes an hour per area. The middle of the abdomen, the love handles, muffin tops, flanks, and bra rolls have the best result if there is enough to grab but not so much it can't be pinched. We have also had success with the banana role (at the lower buttock), inner thighs, and male chest.  
   The quoted results are 20-25% permanent reduction and we are certainly seeing that. Keep in mind this only includes the area that is treated. Also additional treatments would could also be expected. The best results are going to be patients within 10-20lbs of ideal body weight with good skin tone with localized fatty deposits. A healthy diet and regular exercise that are already a stable part of your life will allow you to continue to benefit, but are not part of how CoolSculpting works. This is literally spot treating fat, something sit-ups simply cannot do. It is an excellent option because the no down time, means you can have it done, then go workout, go back to work, whatever you like. As to be expected, the treatment is not a green light for excessive eating and sedentary living as what fat is not destroyed can infinitely hypertrophy and the long term benefits would then not be appreciated.  Patients with large fatty deposits, spread out fatty deposits, large rotund bellies with internal abdominal fat, and those with extra skin do not benefit well from CoolSculpting.

Frequently I am asked about weight loss options, as any of the above results can certainly be improved or sometimes made possible by weight loss. I recommend starting with your primary care physician. General endocrine issues can certainly play a role as can other treatable medical and psychological conditions. There then remain many options for diets as well as physical conditioning. Your primary care can help determine if you are healthy enough for certain activities and the safety of dietary and medicinal therapies.  Perhaps a referral should be made to a bariatric surgeon who specializes in stomach surgeries to decrease the ability to take in calories either by restriction or absorption.

I would certainly be very careful proceeding with the latest fad therapy administered by either a medical spa or a greedy physician who does not thoroughly examine, work-up, and monitor your progress. 

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